Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities

Nextmove Technologies offers the LinkAlign auto acquisition antenna positioners .  Field proven positoners to handle the special requirements facing the deployment of E-Band MW radios (70-90 GHz). 

  • Available positioners already approved for MW radios by several manufacturers.   
  • Supporting parabolic antenna up to 3 feet.

Nextmove Technologies: Automatic Acquisition Antenna Positioner for the E-Band radios, PTP link deployment.  

Radio links for specific environments

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Radios on VHF/UHF bands provide improved performance in the following environments: 
  > Over sea:   with very little or no clearance at all (Non LOS) - up to 20 Km
  > Hilly terrain with no line of sight 
  >  Forest and woods: Communicates via  trees in densely wooded areas
  > Security forces applications:
          *  Enables communications via fire and smoke
          *  Better communication inside buildings 

ONDAS Networks : Neptune - A new Model for outdoor  deployment
 VHF/UHF,  4 Watts output power 

ONDAS Networks introduces its new SDR ( Software Defined Radios), Supports all Ondas Software Applications. 
 -> "Narrowband"  version, IEEE 802.16s compliant  - up to 2 Mbit/s.
 -> "Broadband" Version, IEEE 802.16e compliantup to 20 Mbit/s. 

Products main characteristics:
  -  Transmit power: up tyo 4W
  -  IP65 compliant for outdoor operation
  -  OFDM, PTP and PTMP
  -  Can serve as Basestation or Remote unit 
- Long distance radio links 
- Wide area coverage of PTMP radio network
- Broadband radio links via forest, woods etc.
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