Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities
BATS' FAST tracker selected for offshore application
BATS contracted to deliver its FAST 5.8 GHz intelligent tracking antenna solution and integrated radios for offshore communications.

The FAST solution is a replacement for inefficient PMP-based wireless networking solutions that rely on omni-directional antennas for communication to other vehicles or vessels in the area.

BATS FAST solution brings a higher throughput, increased range, of  legacy PMP-based options.

The the fast series is MIL_STD compliant for environmental conditions and available in the 
5.x and 4.x GHz (NATO) bands

Nextmove Technologies ofers the linkAlign-360FERP-HD.  This product controls PAN/TILT and also the polarity of the antenna - by rotating it. 
Very unique application for sigint and other applications when the signal received is reflected by and passive object.

The the polarity controller is available with other  positioners as well. Contact Nirim for more information.

Nextmove Technologies: Quick deploy positioner with control capability of the polarity of the antenna

FullSpectrum:  New generation broadband PTMP VHF/UHF radio for 
datarates up to 4 Mbit/s - the "Cobalt Plus" product line

FullSpectrum introduce its next generation remote Software Defined Radio, the Cobalt-Plus. 

It is unique in its performance in the the VHF band - no radio to compre with in the market!!!   It is a unique  compact  radio which operates in all frequencies between 50 MHz and 1 GHz, and all channel sizes from 50 kHz to 2 MHz.

Its main characteristics:
>  Data rate up to 4 Mbit/s
>  Point to Multi-Point
>  Output power up to 36 dBm
  Typical project by Nirim: Buoy to Vessel
            On sea MW link - up to 1 Gbit/s. 

Nirim advanced systems delivered a unique maritime  data link to allow up to 1 Gbit/s data link for Vessel-Buoy communications.  Nirim is busy with more projects for broadband communications to Buoys

This  MW datalink operats on the move. 
Photo on the right: Buoy and team during preparation for  testing.

Radio links in non standard environment

VHF/UHF performs much better in the following environments: 
  > Over sea -  with very little or no clearance at all (Non LOS)- up to 20 Km
  > Hilly terrain with no line of sight 
  > Communicates via  trees in savana and woods areas
  > Security forces applications:
          *  Enables communications via fire and smoke - essential for security forces
          *  Better communication deeper into buildings 

Contact Nirim for more info.

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Up there, on the top of the mast, BATS Quick deploy aligning high gain directional antenna associated with Cambium PTP 650.

The positioners and trackers from BATS can be integrated wirh almost any other radio in the market e.g.: Radwin, Ceragon, Ubiquity, Erricson, Aviat, Siemens-Nokia, NEC,  Telrad, Ruggedcom, Aviat, Dragonwave, and more...

For more information: Contact  Nirim Advanced Systems.

BATS QD at the Superbowl....