Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities

Nextmove Technologies offers the LinkAlign auto acquisition antenna positioners .  Field proven positoners to handle the special requirements facing the deployment of E-Band MW radios (70-90 GHz). 

  • Available positioners already approved for MW radios by several manufacturers.   
  • Supporting parabolic antenna up to 3 feet.

Nextmove Technologies: Automatic Acquisition Antenna Positioner for the E-Band radios, PTP link deployment.  

MARS:  New broadband PTMP VHF/UHF  100 Watts radios with up to 20 Mbit/s - from FullSpectrum:

FullSpectrum introduces its new SDR ( Software Defined Radios):    
-> "Narrowband"   for data channels - up to 2 Mbit/s.
-> "Broadband" for data channels  - up to 20 Mbit/s. 

Unique product operating in the VHF band - no comparable radio currently  in the market.  It operates in all frequencies of VHF and UHF bands, with channel sizes ranging from 50 kHz to 10 MHz.

Products main characteristics:
  - OFDM, PTP and PTMP  
  - Data rate up to 20 Mbit/s
  - Operates in the white space bands

- Long distance radio links over forest and/or sea
- Wide area coverage of PTMP radio network
- Long distance, wideband radio links via forest, woods etc.

 Typical project by Nirim: Buoy to Vessel
            On sea broadband MW link  

Nirim advanced systems delivered a unique maritime  data link to allow up to 1 Gbit/s link Vessel-Buoy communications, overcoming the unique issues introduced while operating in this non common, on the move, environment.  

Nirim is currently involved with more projects providing solutions for broadband data and video communications over sea.

Photo on the right: Buoy and team during preparation for testing.
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Radio links for specific  environments

Contact Nirim for more information.

Radios on VHF/UHF bands provide improved performance in the following environments: 
  > Over sea:   with very little or no clearance at all (Non LOS) - up to 20 Km
  > Hilly terrain with no line of sight 
  >  Forest and woods: Communicates via  trees in densely wooded areas
  > Security forces applications:
          *  Enables communications via fire and smoke
          *  Better communication inside buildings 

BATS' products are successfully deployed and being used in mobile and tactical enviroments supporting  variety of radios from many manufacturers over the whole  MW  apectrum,  starting with 2.4 Ghz, 5.8GHz Unlicenced, through NATo's and the 4.9 GHz security forces band and up to 90 GHz of the E-Band.

BATS: Ad-Hoc wireless network for public safety 

On the left: Ft. Worth’s emergency communications for rapidly deploy mobile command center to any site across the area and to  initiate communications in under 10 minutes with non-technical personnel.

The wireless platform transmits HD live video feeds of disaster areas for strategic comms between headquarters and officials in the field.

To the left: BATS 50 Quick Deploy (QD) antenna system is mounted  on a 70 foot mast on Fort Worth's E-Node B LTE site vehicle. The static sites are equipped with DVM-50 units

For more information: Contact  Nirim Advanced Systems.