Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities

Nirim Advanced Systems is a solution provider for multi-disciplinary systems associated with communications as part of: HLS, command and control and other mission critical applications, Main focus is on long distance broadband communications for mobile and for maritime environment .

Services offered 

Nirim Advanced Systems distributes and resells lines of products that are within its area of expertise:  tracking  and mobile applications on land and on sea. 

Nirim offers the following services:

  • System engineering

  • Project management

  • Equipment delivery

Being supported by its partners,  Nirim ensures full compatibility to the selected  radio equipment with the proposed auto pointing and tracking systems.   

 Auto-tracking & auto-pointing  solutions for radio links 

Nirim Advanced Systems offers wide range of solutions for on the move radio links for any deployment scenarios,  e.g.
  • Radio links to connect  Offshore and Onshore facilities.
  • Maritime and land environments. 
Nirim is an official partner of BATS and Nextmove Technologies. Providing solutions worldwide.

Broadband VHF / UHF

radio solutions

Nirim Advanced Systems  Ofers broadband  radio networks operating in the VHF/UHF frequency bands .

Nirim advanced systems solutions are aimed to meet the unique deployment scenarios typical to non standard propagation conditions as:
  • Long distance comms over sea
  • Through forests and woods
  • In buildings  
  • Near line of sight solutions

V/UHF radios offered:
  • Broadband: up to 20 Mbit/s
  • PTP and PTMP networks
  • SDR based
  • Transmit power:  up to 100W