Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities
Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems
BATS - is a World leader  in its field,  BATS provides several lines of  products that locate, locks, and track and stabilize  radio links for PTP and PTMP radio networks. 
ONDAS Networks 

ONDAS Networks :  FullMAX™, SDR, PTP and PTMP, radio  for private, wide-area broadband networks over frequencies of  VHF and UHF below  1 GHz. 

Ceragon Networks

Ceragon Networks:  Leading solution provider for PTP MW radio links.

 Products and services by the following manufacturers  are  available from Nirim Advanced Systems:

Nextmove technologies provides  broad product line of auto-pointing positioners, software and accessories for quick deploy of MW links. 

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Nirim advanced systems resells additional products sourced from other vendors fully supported to meet the user requirements  to suit the applications.

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