Extends broadband, distance and radio coverage  capabilities

Radio links for specific environments

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Radios on VHF/UHF bands provide improved performance in the following environments: 

  > Over sea:   with very little or no clearance at all (Non LOS) - up to 20 Km
  > Hilly terrain with no line of sight 
  >  Forest and woods: Communicates via  trees in densely wooded areas
  > Security forces applications:
          *  Enables communications via fire and smoke
          *  Better communication inside buildings 
  ...  Typical projects ...

Nirim Advanced Systems completed off-shore, long distance, broadband VHF radio network 

Nirim Advanced Systems completed off-shore, long d
Nirim completed  deployment and successful testing of off-shore broadband radio network operating at the VHF band. 
The Network  designed for full area coverage of 180 deg to a vessel on-the-move, demonstating excellent transmission capabilities, broadband data, handover from one base-station to another.
The implementation  is based on ONDAS Networks products.

Nirim Advanced Systems lately awarded an order to deliver  Identifiers  for small  vessels and buoys 

A small vessel tracking solution specially designed for tracking national fleet. 

Tracking units to be fitted to small boats with no on-board power and featured most important - equipped with  multiple security and anti tempering features. 
Consist of:
 - VHF Coast Station operating in the VHF Maritime band.
-  Several Identifiers for small boats
-  Support Software.
Offshore tracking and stabilization system

The system connects on the move platform to onshore basestation. The design overcomes the complexity of the special propagation conditions, associated with the unique requirements of the application.
Nirim deployment:  On platform BATS: auto-pointing, stabilizer and tracking
Nirim deployment: Off-shore installation:
On-top of a platform on the move.